We gathered in the beginning of 2018 for a single project but soon decided to keep such a great team and continue to test our capabilities.
We joined the "Invasion" film project eager to solve the most insane tasks in a fast and creative way.

For the next couple of years we mastered developing movie scenes, camera settings and creating tension in the shot for cinematics and previses.
We were the first one in Russian film industry who started using Unreal Engine 4. We built a pipeline for producing digital characters in UE4 and developed numerous solutions for procedural face animation.

It became obvious that our strong suit is problem solving.
We started out as a startup and never fear challenging tasks.
In the middle of a pandemic we took a risk to enter the game industry because you can't find the better challenge but stepping out of your comfort zone.

We faced a lot of amazing challenges but we always wanted to create games.
We did our best and in May 2020 we showed the first prototype at DevGamm.
We love to tell good stories but now we tell them via our games.
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cinema previses
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