Previs for the movie "Invasion"
Our first and extremely important project that gave us right way and confidence to continue.
Egor Tomskiy has been making previses for whole life. It was not a surprise when the founders of Vodorod Production asked him to assemble a talented team. We produced previses for movies Invasion and Devyataev, cinematic for projects about Fedor Konyukhovand game Corsairs and many others.
Lady in Red
Our internal project for as a hobby and for testing gained skills and our own technologies
When we agreed to make a realtime cg-double of Dmitry Bilan for 1.5 week, we didn't realise that it'll open a portal to many others requests for creating realtime digital avatars. Our first experience opened up new capabilities of UE4 and our talents and since then it breaks through - Danila Kozlovsky, avatars for Sber, cg-double or rapper etc.
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