one day more
Genre: adventure
Platforms: PC, Switch, Sony Playstation, Xbox

Hanna's only passion is music, but her parents are completely against such a frivolous hobby. One day, Hanna escapes from her problems into the world of her fantasies, where she can do anything!

Go through obstacles, find Hanna's friends and perform with them at a music competition, but be careful – the unresolved problems will haunt you even in the brightest parts of your dreams...

- Solve the puzzle
- Skate on the ceiling and tilt the world
- Enjoy colorful locations and collect secret achievements
- Do good deeds and find out how Hanna's story ends

Release VK Play: 16 of May 2022
Release Steam: 2023


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The Best Game
by MyTona
The Most Original Gameplay
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Genre: adventure
Platforms: PC

Look at an alternative world in the beginning of XX century. Humanity is in chaos because of unleashed electric fields wandering in the air that are lethal for every living creature. Thirty years ago Doctor N managed to restrain the deadly energy and used it for a benefit. Due to this, his railway road company became the most prosperous in the world and his trains are the safest and fastest transport through deadly electrical storms out there.

Right before Doctor N's death in a horrible explosion he managed to reveal the secret of his legacy to his daughter. (про письма тупо выглядит) He created an Eternal Engine which all the companies of the world desire. Anna has to find the blueprints and save the invention for the sake of humanity. But the more truth Anna is finding out the more she hesitates about saving such a controversial electro mechanism…

Find all the answers and make the right decision in this tense world of electro punk.

Release Steam: 4Q 2023
TRAINS on Steam

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